Atomic Backland Ascent Skins Trim to Fit

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Atomic Backland Ascent Skins Trim to Fit

Model: Atoskins17
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: Atomic

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Atomic Backland Ascent Climbing Skins Trim to Fit

Atomic has brought innovation to the climbing skin market with their glide zone technology. Glide Zone Technology results in better glide with less friction. These skins are the perfect combination for riding in the backcountry delivering smooth frictionless forward glide while offering safe grip on soft or hardpack in the camber area. These work especially well with the Summit Custom 110, Carbon Pro 110, Invertigo 118 or the Marauder 125.  Made of 100% mohair for super grip in all snow conditions. Excellent for backcountry excursions for easy climbing and then remove for descents.

Works great with the Atomic Tracker 13 MNC Ascent Bindings.

Easy to trim and fit. We trim the skins for you if you are ordering with skiboards.

Comes in length 158 cm but like all skins, can be trimmed to fit. Width is 95cm which provides width necessary for skiboards.

Warranty: 1 year