Head Hot Rod 94cm 2016/17 Skiboards with Tyrolia Bindings
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Head Hot Rod 94cm 2016/17 Skiboards with Tyrolia BindingsHea1001

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OK, these are the first skiboards I have every owned. I've been skiing my entire life and a us a ski around 170. I am an extremely fast skier and generally pass everyone on the slopes. I've been told skiboards are slower than skis. However, I was still passing everyone on the slopes with these boards. After my first run down the hill I was already an expert on these things.

After a few runs I was able to ride a fakie. After a few hours of playing around I can fakie down the entire run. I've only used them on a two day trip so far because I bought them very late in the season. However, I plant to learn some tricks next season.

I will never go back to long difficult to maneuver skis again.

These boards are extremely easy to control and I spent all of my time skiing the most difficult diamond runs. Normally on skis I would be hesitant to ski the more difficult runs, but not with this babies!!!!

I love these boards and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality skiboard.
Date Added: 03/21/2014 by scott macri