Elan Freeline 99cm Skiboards with Release Bindings 2017
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Elan Freeline 99cm Skiboards with Release Bindings 2017Ela2017

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I introduced these 99cm elan short skis to my boyfriend 3 years ago, and he got hooked ever since. He gave up all his expensive long skis n snowboarding for this short skis. I have this same pairs too. We have so much fun in these. They are so light weight n easy to carry around. Love the narrow waist shape, the released binding, the design, the made..etc..best of all from a trusted brand name Elan. Good quality piece of equipment at an affordable price that can last you at least 10 years. I wish the ski industry and ski shops promo more of these short skis for this generation to encourage new beginners how easy it is learning to skis with these short skis.
Date Added: 02/17/2016 by KIM NGA TRAN