Learn to Ski In One Day!


  • Frustrated on long skis?
  • Can’t keep up with friends or family?
  • Tired of being in ski classes and lessons?
  • Stuck on the beginner or intermediate runs?

Now you can learn to ski in one day! No kidding!

Everyone deserves to have those exhilarating peak experiences on the ski slopes and you can now have that right from your very first day. Until now these ecstatic moments were reserved only for those expert skiers who have spent years and years learning. Well, not anymore. With Summit skiboards, you begin to experience those thrills right from the first day, and then, it gets even better as the learning curve accelerates very quickly. Riding on Summit Skiboards, you are free to have fun, without all the frustration. Summit Skiboards deliver a combination of performance, handling varying terrain and conditions, with fast turns and stops, bringing a deeper sense of confidence than you have ever experienced before.

With Summit, you get to experience true freedom and joy like never before.

Learning to ski on long skis takes a lot of time, lessons and patience to become competent. Meanwhile, you don’t get to play and experience the freedom that you truly go for in the first place. Learning to ski on long skis is frustrating, disappointing and undermines a person’s confidence. Many people quit, no longer returning to the ski slopes. Others just remain stuck on the Beginning or Intermediate runs. This is not the experience YOU desire when they go skiing. You want fun, freedom, great memorable ski vacations and to ride with friends and family.

Why are Summit Skiboards easier than skis or snowboards?

These are constructed with a wood core and easy turn parabolic shape that allows maximum performance on any mountain, yet with a length that allows a more natural upright stance. These turn quick without all that length to maneuver. The natural stance promotes proper balance, easy of use and a comfort on the mountain you may never have experienced before. Even if you choose to go back to skis, after riding summit skiboards, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your ski skills.

Benefits of using Summit Skiboards:


  • Rapid skills improvement
  • Fun, not frustration on the slopes
  • Immediate improvement in confidence
  • Continued growth every day you get on them
  • Opens up more of the mountain almost immediately!



We offer two easy “ski” models:

Easy Rider 79 – just like its name, teens and adults can experience a super fun and easy time riding the ski slopes. These are mounted with the Salomon L7 ski bindings fitting ski boot sizes 4-11 U.S. Don’t even think that these are just toys, however. Featuring the same construction as our more advanced skiboards, with wood core, twin tips, sintered bases, aluminum reinforcement plate and triaxial fiberglass, these are very durable, with a really smooth flex to enjoy effortless carves. Older kids too can use these to learn and progress on, but these truly are an Easy “Ski” for adults as well.
EZ 95 - intended for teens and adults, these provide a quick to get up on and ride experience. Mounted with Salomon release ski bindings, these fit ski boot sizes from 4-14 U.S. These are great for those who have had some experience on the ski slopes, or are intermediate skiers looking for a short cut to improving your overall skiing ability in a dramatically shorter time. If you have ridden the Salomon snowblades or skiblades with non-release bindings, you are in for a treat as the EZ 95's will take you to an all new level of mastery.

Not sure if Summit Skiboards are for you?

Why not try them first? Our retail partner, skiboards.com has a Rent By Mail program so you get to try Summit Skiboards and experience the difference for yourself, with less commitment. Visit: Skiboards.com Rental Page

A whole new world of skiing awaits you!