Matrix PH03 Snowboard Bindings

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Matrix PH03 Snowboard Bindings

Model: M02kit
Shipping Weight: 5lbs
Manufactured by: Matrix

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Matrix PH03 Snowboard Small/Medium Bindings

Now you can use snowboard bindings on skiboards. These are the perfect snowboard bindings for skiboarding - solid, adjustable and comfortable. These bindings fit directly into any skiboards with 4 hole stainless steel inserts, such as the Easy Rider 79 or the Snowjam 75 cm or 90 cm. This binding is a full on snowboard binding, but upgraded. Injection molded from Nylon provides a stronger, more durable binding with light weight performance. This is an upgrade from the normal polyethylene injected materials. Thumb screw canting adjustment. Durable nylon rachets. Three adjustable padded straps with one at the top of the binding adds support for more aggressive carving.

This includes the Snowboard Bindings Riser Kit. These are made out of solid brushed aluminum to provide a platform for the snowboard bindings along with 4 screws to tighten to any skiboards with the 4 hole insert mount. Just the right amount of rise so you can still make those lay-it-over carves. Rubber cushions provide just the right rise as well as dampening yet without inhibiting "road feel".

Note that with snowboard bindings mounted on skiboards, since carving is side-to-side on skiboards, it is important to have a stiffer (yet comfortable) snowboard boot. We also include two black leashes (required at the resort).

Fits most snowboard boot sizes Small/Medium size 2-7 (men's) US.

NOTE: If ordering a bag with these bindings (including riser kit) and skiboards, the 100 cm bag fits the Snowjam 75 and the 125cm Bag fits the Snowjam 90, Summit Jade 87 and Nomad 99.

Color: Black/White/Green

Warranty: 1 year

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