Elan Freeline 135cm Skiboards with Release Bindings 2017

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Elan Freeline 135cm Skiboards with Release Bindings 2017

Model: Eln2019
Shipping Weight: 13lbs
Manufactured by: Elan

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The new 2016/17 Elan Freeline 135 cm skiboards come complete with an integrated Elan ESP10 step-in release bindings. Elan has been committed to this sport from the beginning starting with their original roller skis. These are made for adults who want to ride fast, have fun, handle all conditions and explore the mountain. 

The Freeline 135 features tip-to-tail wood core, asymmetrical twin tips, front tip protectors, sintered ground graphite base, parabolic sidecut and durable "snakeskin" top sheet. In other words, these are high quality skiboards produced by a major manufacturer. These skiboards still handle like skiboards, with fast turns that you would expect from the deep parabolic sidecut, provide quick stopping power and are fast, not to mention long lasting. Recommended for hardpack, ice, moguls, glades and regular powder. We know you will love the ride especially for all mountain conditions. "These are really nice skiboards. Yes they are towards the lengthy end of the skiboard market, but they are quite light, easy to turn and fast. 

For those coming from a skiing background, these will feel very natural, though shorter, easier and more maneuverable. These provide awesome speed with great stability. If you haven't ridden Elan's you are in for a treat. Quality of manufacturing as always with Elan is impressive." Doc Roberts, President, Skiboards.com

Bindings: Step-in Elan ESP10 Full diagonal release ski bindings - fits all ski boots. DIN range - 2.5-10. Adjusts easily by hand to fit a range of ski boots from 263-391mm sole lengths - approx. 4-13 US. Comes with integrated wide brakes. Colors: White/lime green

Warranty: 1 year.