Salomon XDrive Focus 130cm Skiboards Release Bindings

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Salomon XDrive Focus 130cm Skiboards Release Bindings

Model: SumXDF16B
Shipping Weight: 10lbs
Manufactured by: Salomon

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Salomon's X-Drive Focus 130 cm skiboards complete with Salomon L10 Release Bindings

Salomon is still in the skiboard market, this season introducing along with their ShortMax 120, the XDrive Focus 130 cm with Salomon release bindings. For those who prefer the narrower shape, these are made to carve up a storm with their parabolic shape providing easy turns and amazing maneuverability. Designed with a monocoque core manufactured with a single structural layer of fiber makes them super comfortable to ride, extremely responsive and light weight on your feet. Snake skin top sheet and tip protector provide great durability. 

While some might call these short skis, it doesn't really matter what you call them, these are simply great fun and so much easier than their longer counterpart. While the Salomon snowblades have come and gone, Salomon recognizes the desire for shorter, easy to turn skiboards with not nearly the learning curve of long skis. These are super popular in Europe and we made sure we could bring them in for our customers. Imported in limited quantities.

The XDrive Focus 130 also features the all-terrain rocker 2.0 - a combination of precision and maneuverability. This provides additional:

• easy and precise steering

• great terrain absorption

• increased maneuverability

Recommended for: beginner to intermediate skiers who prefer to just get out there and have a great time. Good for all mountain riding.


The Salomon L10 Ski Release Bindings are the perfect release bindings for all mountain skiboarding. These are a light weight binding perfect for performance, recreational skiboarding. These bindings are easy to adjust by hand with full release step-in capability. We use adjustable bindings in order to provide you with not only the ability to fit a range of ski boot sizes, but also so that you can adjust your bindings on the fly (moving forward or back to adjust to conditions and personal preference), not to mention the sheer safety of using release bindings.

The Salomon L10 bindings are made to allow full flex of the skiboards. These are direct mounted as that provides the best performance (over outdated methods of using riser plates with release bindings) according to decades of product testing by all major binding manufacturers, including Atomic and Salomon.
The L10 features an excellent range of release values and is easy to operate. Adjusting the front clamp and heel can be done by hand without tools. These bindings feature: DIN range of 3-10. Twin pivot. Toe height adjustment. Adjustments can be done by hand and fits ski boot sizes 261-384 mm (approx. size 4 - 14 U.S.). Height: 30mm.

Color: white/blue/black

Warranty: 1 year

MSRP: $430 US