Snowjam 75cm Phenom Skiboards w. inserts

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Snowjam 75cm Phenom Skiboards w. inserts

Model: Snophe7516i
Shipping Weight: 5lbs
Manufactured by: Snowjam

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 This special order offers inserts without premounted bindings, thus opening up new options for riding snowjams with our snowboard bindings for skiboards. These are the same high quality skiboards Snowjam is known for, complete with full wrap steel edges, tip-to-tail wood core and semi-sintered bases. These are highly durable skiboards that are extremely easy to turn, spin, go backwards and even ride powder. These are also stable at speed due to their thick wood core. The 75cm is unique and is an easy way to perfect your skills on the slopes as well as being super fun, much more like skating on snow really. For skaters, this is probably one of the easiest skiboards to use and transfer your skills to the slopes.

The 75cm twin-tips offer an extremely short learning curve, with the potential to ride anywhere you care to go. The 75cm size is perfect for those preferring shorter boards so they can experience greater control and manueverability, but don't want to compromise on quality and performance. With their wide body shape, these are great on the groomers, moguls, glades or even powder. They are super fun to ride off the back tails and for spinning and riding fakey (backwards).

If you are hard on your skiboards, these are among the most durable!

Snowjam 75 cm with inserts in the standard 40X40 mounting pattern offers the following -

Binding Options:

Snowboard Bindings: These Snowjam 75 cm skiboards can be mounted with the new 3 buckle PH711S snowboard bindings. Snowboard bindings mount directly into the inserts on the skiboards and will now allow you to use regular snowboard boots or our Technine Custom Snowboard Bindings. Both include Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit with all hardware.

Recommended for: beginners (who want to advance quickly), intermediate to advanced skiboarders. Excellent conversion for skaters.

Warranty: 1 year

Color: Multi

Note: Photo shows 90cm but is exactly the same graphics for 75.