Summit Invertigo 118 cm Rocker Skiboards

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Summit Invertigo 118 cm Rocker Skiboards

Model: SumRK118
Shipping Weight: 8lbs
Manufactured by:  Summit

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Summit Invertigo 118 cm Rocker/Camber 3D Twin Tip Skiboards!

Summit Skiboards features their first in a "one-skiboard-does-it-all design". The Summit 118 cm skiboards offer a unique combination of 15% Rockered front tip, 80% traditional camber and 5% rockered tail. What does this mean? It means riding through soft snow is an almost effortless ride, feeling more like surfing! The unique combination of Rockered tips and tails with traditional camber deliver super fast turn initiation, a short turning radius more like a 99cm length, yet offer amazing edge grip on hard pack and making it even easier to carve from one edge to the other. This combination also gives you multiple sweet spots to explore throughout the length of the skiboards.

The Summit Rocker 118 cm was designed to be the ultimate "fun" skiboard, equally at home on hard pack/ice, moguls, glades, cruising the groomed runs or, yes, floating through powder with ease. Though 118 cm in length, these have the feel of something much shorter, more like a 99 cm in how fast they turn. We have taken the traditional rocker design, an awesome performer in the deep stuff, to an all new level — being at home anywhere on the mountain, and in any conditions. 

This rocker/camber design brings a new evolution of performance to skiboards, fast and yet so incredibly maneuverable. This is definitely the most fun skiboard in the Summit arsenal. Traditional camber gives you stable edging, especially when you lay into them, even on ice/hardpack too. While, the early rise tail dramatically increases the skis maneuverability, while maintaining directional stability for high speed charging.

The Invertigo's are true all mountain, all condition skiboards. AND the best is, on those blue sky, sunny, untracked powder days, the ones you dream about — OMG! You will never be the same, seriously! Yes, powder hounds and speed demons — wait until you ride these boards! Like its older brother, the Marauder 125’s, these are designed for all mountain riding, being at home anywhere in the ski resort, including those breath taking steep chutes you see in the ski movies, ripping through moguls or flying through the glades. 

These are also great for those you who love getting away from it all in the backcountry, as these make the perfect ascent skis — lots of floatation, yet easy to turn through the bushes and trees on the way down. Much easier than on longer skis. Mounted with a pair of Atomic 13 Tracker bindings — PURE FREEDOM. 

One feature definitely worth mentioning is that these skiboards feature our special 3D Carbonium top sheet that provides amazing durability, yet allows the graphics to pop without distortion. These look so much better in person than we can portray on the web.

These are full on symmetrical twin tips (for those who love to ride or land jumps backwards). The tip-to-tail Northern Birch/poplar wood core provides a super smooth flex allowing you to truly enjoy your ride every time coupled with the wide body construction and fast sintered bases that offer surprising speed. These will definitely bring a smile to your face all the way down the run. On the Rocker 118, it is full on play time.

Recommended for: Advanced to expert riders. 

Great for: Adventurers! These excel in powder and soft snow, big mountain riding, cruising on the open runs (be it intermediate or advanced), backcountry and basically anything you care to do. There are no limits with the Invertigo 118.

Here is what one person has to say: "I have now been on these boards for more then 10 days.  All I can say is wow!!! These 118's had no problem handling the hard pack and even the ice.  Didn't chatter once on the ice or steeps.  In the deeper snow the Invertigo's rode high and kept me on the surface so I could enjoy the soft snow and feel in complete control all the way down.  I have been Skiboarding for more then 15 years.  These are by far the best boards I have ever used.  Just a complete all mountian performance leaving you with nothing but a smile each and every run." Mike J.

Sold in pairs.

Tuning: We recommend getting your bases hot waxed before riding. You can choose our Add a Hot Wax Service and receive your skiboards waxed and ready to ride. You can also choose to do it yourself with our Fast Hot Wax Tune Kit with Iron to maintain your skiboards in optimal condition.

Warranty: 2 years

Recommended Bindings:

Step-in Release: Any ski bindings or AT bindings can be mounted. We offer two adjustable release bindings that work great with these, are easy to use and allow for full flex. The Salomon L10 bindings are adjustable, step-in release bindings and the Salomon Z12 performance release bindings. These both come with free mounting and free wide brakes. The Salomon L10 bindings feature: DIN range of 3-10. Fits ski boot sizes 260-384 mm (approx. size 4 - 14 U.S.). The Salomon Z12 bindings features a DIN of 4-12 and boot size range 260-384mm (approx. 4-14 US).

AT Bindings: We recommend the Atomic N Tracker 13 Ascent bindings. These bindings are great for ascending in the backcountry with two climbing positions and downhill DIN setting performance. Tracker includes free mounting and free wide brakes.