Summit Source NRG 96 cm Rocker Skiboards

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Summit Source NRG 96 cm Rocker Skiboards

Model: SumSnrg9616
Shipping Weight: 6lbs
Manufactured by:  Summit

Price: $349.00  Our Price: $195.00
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Summit Source NRG 96 cm Rocker/Camber 3D Skiboards!

Following in the tradition of the Summit Skiboards "one-skiboard-does-it-all design”, Summit introduces the Source NRG 96cm skiboards. As the name implies, these skiboards take you direct to the source of your own inner creativity, energy and liberation. The Source NRG (“energy”) skiboards are true all mountain, all condition skiboards. AND the best is, on those blue sky, sunny, untracked powder days, the ones you dream about — OMG! You will never be the same, seriously! Yes, powder hounds and speed demons — wait until you ride these boards! Like its longer brothers the Invertigo 118 and CRZ 106, these are designed for all mountain riding, being at home anywhere in the ski resort, including those breath taking steep chutes you see in the ski movies, ripping through moguls or flying through the glades.

Source NRG offers a unique combination of 15% Rockered front tip, 80% traditional camber and 5% rockered tail. If you love super short turning ability, yet may encounter many different conditions, these are the skiboards for you. With traditonal camber, you get amazing edge grip on ice/hardpack.

These rockered skiboards also feature 4 stainless steel inserts allowing the use of Snowboard bindings like the Technine Snowboard Bindings or any standard non-release skiboard bindings. These can also be mounted with release bindings like the Salomon L10 or Z12 bindings.

One feature definitely worth mentioning is that these skiboards feature our special 3D Carbonium top sheet that provides amazing durability, yet allows the graphics to pop without distortion. These look so much better in person than we can portray on the web.

These are full on symmetrical twin tips (for those who love to ride or land jumps backwards). The tip-to-tail Northern Birch/poplar wood core provides a super smooth flex allowing you to truly enjoy your ride every time coupled with the wide body construction and fast sintered bases that offer surprising speed. These will definitely bring a smile to your face all the way down the run. Ready to play?

Recommended for:  Intermediate to advanced riders.

Great for: Adventurers! These excel in powder and soft snow, big mountain riding, cruising on the open runs (be it intermediate or advanced) and basically anything you care to do.

Sold in pairs.

Base color will vary between green with white lettering and white with green lettering.

MSRP: $349

Tuning: We recommend getting your bases hot waxed before riding. You can choose our Add a Hot Wax Service and receive your skiboards waxed and ready to ride. You can also choose to do it yourself with our Fast Hot Wax Tune Kit with Iron to maintain your skiboards in optimal condition.

Warranty: 2 years

Recommended Bindings:

Step-in Release: Any ski bindings or AT bindings can be mounted. We offer an adjustable release binding that works great with these, is easy to use and allows for full flex. The Salomon L10 and Salomon Z12 are our choice for adjustable, step-in release bindings. These come with free mounting and free wide brakes. These release bindings offer total uninhibited flex. 

Snowboard Bindings: Thanks to the 4 hole mount stainless steel inserts, any snowboard bindings can be used including our Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings with Riser kit. If using your own snowboard bindings, you will want to get the Snowboard Binding Adapter Kit.

Non-Release: Any standard skiboard non-release bindings can be used that fit the 40 X 40 mm insert mounting pattern.

Note: While there are currently no specific guidelines or laws preventing the use of non-release bindings on skiboards even up to 140cm, the longer length skiboards when used with non-release bindings do increase the risk of injury. Should you choose to use non-release bindings with the Custom 110, you do so at your own risk knowing full well that there is the chance of serious injury.