Fast Tune Kit with Iron & Wax

Product 3/7 Fast Tune Kit with Iron & Wax

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Introducing the Fast Hot Wax Tune Kit with Iron by

This kit comes with a hot wax iron (just plug in and use), acrylic scraper, steel brush and a  90 gram block of universal wax made locally in Durango, Colorado (truly the best wax we have ever used on our own boards - no kidding!). Comes with step-by-step instructions as well as a convenient bag with retainer straps to keep things secure. This kit includes all that you need for hot waxing your boards on the go or at home. Hot waxing is the best for protecting your bases and providing maximum glide.

More about the wax: This wax is the best we have ever used. We can't say enough about it and we have used many waxes on our skiboards over the years. Made locally by a true wax wizard (chemist), this wax goes on smooth and provides durability as well as superior glide. Kit comes with block of universal wax good at a range of temperatures. Glide-on is a hydrocarbon wax made with microcrystalline and paraffin, plus a specially designed polymer added that makes it smooth and super fast. Glide-on wax is non-toxic and environmentally inert.

Before marketing our waxes commercially, they were field tested many times over and always out-performed other hydrocarbon waxes on the market. I can say with confidence that if you are currently using a hydrocarbon glide wax, you will find Glide-on superior - Chemist, Lin Alicia Martin.

Warranty: 1 year.

(NOTE: Extra wax can also be purchased separately on our website - see other listing for Glide-On Wax.)

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