Why Condition Your Base?

While any skiboards will glide when new because the bottoms are smooth, if you don't regularly wax your bases they will wear out prematurely. That is not good! Trying to skiboard on worn bases will slow you down and not provide the proper ride. You will then need more expensive tuning. After all, glide and speed have to do with the condition of your bases (and thus whether you have an enjoyable day on the slopes). It is essential that you condition your bases with either a hot wax, wipe-on wax such as our Skiboards.com High Velocity Wipe-on Wax or Zardoz Notwax.

The bottoms of your boards need to be protected. The best solution is to apply hot wax. If you don't have the time or inclination to hot wax, then make sure that you use our wipe on waxes (at least before you go up each day or at least, every other day). You will still need to tune the edges (see our Edge Tuner) especially when there is ice present. Also, make sure that you repair any rock damage to your bases. P-Tex sticks work great for this and are included in our Skiboards.com Tune Kit.

In the end, anything you do to protect your bases is better than nothing. No matter what the speed, proper glide is essential. Take care of your boards and your investment. Additionally, make sure that you carry your boards so that the edges don't cut the bases - skiboard bags are perfect for this as are the backpacks or fanny packs that will carry your boards.